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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 31, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: finally tonight interesting update to a report we brought you earlier in week. something that president obama promised on day one of his first term. and now, one show, apparently has some new scoop. >> after years of empty promises, he is closing guantanamo office of closing guantanamo. we did it! finally america can move beyond the sad chapter of trying to close down our glub by the sea. choting the office of closing guantanamo not a moment too soon. i heard the condition in the office were horrific. people held for years and in cramp corners and water coole coolered. special envoy in charge of closing the president, daniel freed seen here judging
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mankind. has been reassigned to work on issues like iran and syria. that is just more obama cronyism. the guy fails at one job so they give him cushy post of solving the middle east. >> shepard: oh, yes. thank you for inviting us in your home. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ ♪ >> shepard: this is "the fox report. "tonight a teenager shot in the head at school. the anxious moments for more parents, teachers and students. plus, big trouble on the roads. whether to blame for two massive pileups. now we know some did not survive. but first, from fox thursday night, a little boy is settl settling in for his third night held hostage in an underground bunker with a suspected murderer by his
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side. that child said to be very scared and crying for his mother. today we learned the suspect is armed, and may be able to hold that child captive for a whole lot longer. is it happening in lower alabama. it started tuesday when witnesses say a retired trucker named jimmy dykes jumped aboard a school board and grabbed a child. they say he took the 5-year-old boy to bunker at his own home. police chief says it's six feet by eight feet and has electricity, tv and supplies they say could last for weeks. it also has a pvc pipe that stretches to the surface and negotiators have been using that to communicate with him. but the chief says he has been known to spend up to eight days at a time down there. neighbors say dykes is an angry and violently explosive man, a man who threatens children and once beat to death a dog because the dog crossed to his side of the street.
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dykes was supposed to appear in court yesterday on accusations he menaceed nains with a gun -- neighbors with a gun. earlier i spoke with one of the neighbors who said he wasivn dykes flagged him down and starting cursing him. >> about the third time i told him he needed to calm down, mr. jimmy dykes turned around and ran 30-foot to his van and pulled out a pistol. >> shepard: the neighbor said when he saw that he floored it and heard two gunshots when he sped away. another neighbor says jimmy has always been paranoid. >> he does not believe in any form of government. he does, he believes that the government is the enemy. an that everything is a conspiracy. >> shepard: so that is the man with whom negotiators are now trying to reason. so far without much success. fox top story, jonathan serrie on it live in dale county, lower alabama. any signs of progress tonight,
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jonathan? >> reporter: well, shep ,are releasing few details abs the ongoing negotiation but we know one line of communication in form of pvc pipe is still open giving authorities an idea of what is going on in that underground bunker. authorities say the 5-year-old boy is unarmed physically but as you can imagine, emotionally it's a different story. listen. >> we know that his is crying for his mother and his grandparents. why the shooter does not release the young boy to his family is hard for me to understand. >> virgil skipper says he knows the suspect personally and can't imagine him causing harm to the child. >> shepard: we haven't heard from the child's family. how are they holding up? >> the mayor says he has spoke within both parents and grandparents and they are doing remarkably well given
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all the pressure, circumstances they are experiencing rite now. we heard from the alabama governor robert bentley's office they are talking to the hostage's mother penalling support and assuring her that authorities are doing everything the power to bring the hos stanel standoff to a close as quickly as possible. >> shepard: four hours north of there in atlanta, officials say a middle school child shot a fellow student in the back of the head this afternoon. the fifth shooting on u.s. school grounds since last month's massacre of 20 first graders and six adults in newtown, connecticut. the superintendent said according to relatives the victim today was conscious and talking with that gunshot to the head in the hospital. and doctor expect to release that child as early as tonight. medics treated a teacher's aid for minor cuts. police say the shooting suspect is under arrest.
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police in suburb of dallas are searching for two suspects in connection with murder of assistant district attorney. this happened in kauffman, 20 miles south and east of dallas. investigators say the suspect shot the prosecutor in the parking lot of the courthouse where he worked. they called the shooting an attack on the criminal justice system. police say suspect in yesterday's shooting at office building in phoenix is dead tonight. landscaper found body in bushes outside the city today. he killed one man, critically wounded another and they believe shot himself. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. explosion has just torn through a building in a major north american city. this is brand new video in to us. emergency crews gather around first floor of office building in mexico city. headquarters of the state run oil company.
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there may have been a buildup of gas in lower level of the building and then the explosion. there is no way to tell what happened there. trace gallagher is watching this. we have new information on the victims? >> mexican television reporting that five people are dead. 75 injured. at least 30 people trapped under ground. this is the early going, of course, and the numbers will change. now they are calling in question the structural integrity of the building. this at one time was one of the tallest buildings mexico city. thousands of people work inside. this is mexico. the government is at war with the cartel. if it was deliberate it would be attack on government. in recent days mexico new president vowed to keep pemex the largest oil company in hands of government. that is controversial.
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over the years the company has had a horrible, horrible safety record. just back in september, oil platform exploded, 30 people were killed in that. hundreds have been killed over the past decade. this is a major explosion at one of the biggest companies in the world. we will keep you updated on numbers as they change and get back to you. >> shepard: thank you. dramatic face-off in d.c. today on capitol hill. at the confirmation hearing for president obama's nomination for defense secretary. farmer senator chuck hagel and got tough questions from vietnam veteran and fellow republican. john mccain asking hagel to admit he was wrong when he opposed the surge to the 30,000 troops to iraq in 2007. >> if you would like me to explain. >> i'd like an answer. yes or no. >> i'm not going to give you a question or no. it's par mu complicated than.
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thatly defer that judgment to history. >> history already made a judgment on the surge and you are on the wrong side of it. >> shepard: democrats defended him. >> i never had the pleasure of serving with you, which i wish i would have. we had a great conversation. you bring a fresh, breath of fresh air, truly a breath of fresh air to the process. >> if confirms senator hagel will be the first vietnam veteran and first enlisted soldier of any kind to be the defense secretary. >> he asked him to look at the entire record. mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight and some comments are getting more attention tonight. >> that is right. senator chuck hagel had a lot to defend and those close to him say it was a long day and it was not perfect. one line o grilling past comments he made sounding sympathetic to arabs and tough on israel. >> do you think it's right that israel was committing a
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sickening slaughter as you said on the floor and the senate? >> i would want to read all of what i said. i said many, many tames senator, every nation has a right to defend itself. >> do you think slaughter would constitute a war crime? >> no. depends on they were attacked. it depends on many factors. >> the administration officials say they were surprisesurprised there were moe questions about the iraq war than afghanistan, where 66,000 american troops are still serving. >> then there is iran. senator hagel working to convince legislators he won't go easy on iranians. >> right. chuck hagel opposed sanctions in the past. there wassen issue he talked about the iranian government being elected an legitimate. then there was this exchange. >> why do you think that the iranian foreign ministry songly supports your nominee
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to be the secretary of defense? >> i have a difficult enough time with american politics. i have no idea. thank you. >> there is some more paperwork get done and it sounds like to senate armed vs.s committee could vote on the nomination one week from today. >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thanks. outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton warning when it comes to iran nuclear program, window to negotiate is closing. that came as foreign politics got messier with both syria and iran making threats against israel in wake of an air strike. >> the syrians warning of retaliation. a the iranians condemning the attack. ahead, what we know about strife and the consequences. and one very unhappy woman. in the back of a police car. [bleep] well, that is one way to get their attention. that is ahead from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report.
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>> the impossible situation in syria getting worse by the hour after the airstrike on targets. regime of bashar assad in syria is warning of a surprise response to what it called israeli aggression. as you recall, the israeli warplanes on wednesday bombed targets just outside the capital city of damascus, syria. a u.s. official says it was a strike on a convoy that was headed for lib non, which they say could have been an attempted transfer weapons to hezbollah. group that the united states government consider aster rorrist organization. theoretically, missileles would give hezbollah ability to shoot down israeli jets and helicopters and drones. syria on the other hand claims the israelis hit some kind of military research lab. so far the israelis haven't said a thing as is par for the course. i'm ran is in the mix here. syria and iran are close allies. last week, they said any
4:16 pm
attack on syria is an attack on them. with that the fox correspondent john hunt is here. if someone moving the missiles why now? >> given israel threat to act if the weapons were moved in past weeks and months it's unlikely the decision was taken lightly. according to experts like andrew taylor in the washington institute it may be a sign that the syrian regime and the allies are becoming increasingly concerned that the rebels might be able to overrun those facilities and get the hands on those weapons. listen. >> it could very well be they did not want weapons to fall in hands of the rebels. something created necessity for them to move them. i don't think it was because they felt like it. i think the rebel encroachment there or elsewhere forced hezbollah, regime in iran, to keep the powder dry a literally move weapons where they keep them safest. >> the threat of retaliation, nobody thinks that the syrian
4:17 pm
military is about to strike at israel. knows it would be suicide mission. there is a great fear, though, that syria and iran might use the hezbollah proxies to carry out terrorist attack against the israeli interest. >> shepard: iran is a major player in this. >> interesting comments. we just heard from secretary of state hillary clinton on iran. she has just said that window for negotiations with iran over the nuclear program cannot stay open, "for too much longer." we know high-level israeli officials are visiting and talking with the pentagon counterpart. now hillary clinton is saying in the clearest way yet the time is running out. in other words, action might be coming. if that context israeli strikes in syria make sense. it would degrade retaliatory ability of iran and allies. all of this could, i emphasize could, mean the u.s. is now moving toward the time frame benjamin netanyahu israeli prime minister laid out in the speech you will remember at
4:18 pm
the u.n. last september. he said by next spring at the latest, next summer iran could be moving to the final stage. we could be moving toward sanction. >> shepard: thanks. now there is word that iran plans to speed up the program tone rich uranium, a key ingredient in nuclear weapons. "associated press" reporting today iranian officials told the u.n. atomic watchdog agency they want to install thousands of new machines. machines that work up to three times faster than the ones they have now. irainiance claim they want nuclear fuel for only energy and scientific purposes. searchers found the body of a missing u.s. fighter pilot. the f-16 jet went known the adriatic sea in training mission three days ago. the pilot's family released statement thanking the crews for bringing home his remain. from shorts and t-shirts one day to hat and mittens the next. the polar plunge bringing the
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please coming up. five dozen neem a huge highway pileups and one of them was deadly. in the north atlantic, off the coast of ireland. that's coming up. [ wind howls ] [ dog barks ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] something powerful is coming. ♪ see it on february 3rd.
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> shepard: two massive highway pileups today including a deadly truck wreck along interstate 75 in detroit and motorists say it got really bad, really fast. after sudden blinding snow and strong winds, forcing them to slam on the brakes one after another, three people died two of them children. when they say -- they say were likely siblings. the parents got hurt in the
4:23 pm
wreck. emergency workers took more than a dozen other people to hospital. officials say about 35 vehicles were involved including semi-trucks. is indianapolis, one person is critical tonight and another, other people are hurt after cops say the snow and slick roads caused this mess. they say 20 big rigs were involved in the pileup, about 35 vehicles total. officials have closed the interstate in both directions now. they say it will remain closed for another hour. at least three people are dead tonight and hundreds of thousands more without power after a you powerful storm system tore through the south and northeast. in maryland, floods reportedly killed one person at a homeless camp. outside baltimore, heavy rains forced officials to release water from dams and ordered residents there to evacuate. nashville, a tree fell on storage shed killing a man in there. central part of tennessee, tornado overturned vehicles and ripped apart houses.
4:24 pm
in georgia, emergency officials say a twister cut a 16-mile path right through town. we have this from georgia where another person died. georgia got hit mighty hard. >> adairsville was really hammered by the storm. it roared through wednesday about 11:00 a.m. a lot of people in the small town were not prepared for it. i have walked the streets for two days. just unspeakable damage. we have seen cars that were tossed. houses that were leveled. lots of people displaced and a lot of damage here. initially they thought it was a two-and-a-half mile path. you said they are looking at 16 miles incredible amount of destruction here. 95 structures have been effected by the storm. we are told one person killed. unfortunately he was sleeping at the time when a tree came
4:25 pm
down on his bedroom. >> shepard: a dramatic change in temperature for parts of the midwest. in the past couple of days look at chicago. the temperature there was a record high 63 on tuesday. now feels like zero. still warm a couple days ago. folks in the windy city put on shorts to go to morning jog. but today, gusty wind and weather had them putting on layers again. inwind surfing through a storm may not seem like the brightest ideas when you consider they were doing it off the coast of ireland in the dead of winter. ten of the top wind surfers competing in the first leg of the red bull storm chase. which is exactly what it sounds. they chase storms to find the biggest waves. in this case, they found 20-foot swells and 85-mile-per-hour wind gusts. 85-mile-per-hour. the goal here, put on the best performance. and ideally live to tell about it. they did. the year is off to a great
4:26 pm
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>> the brave! >> woo! >> any questions? >> yeah, why didn't you do it live the other day of? >> that was today, she kicked off a news conference on her super bowl halftime gig, a live conference before she admitted that she did lip sync at the inauguration. >> due to the weather. due to the delay and no proper sound check, i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. it was about the president and the inauguration, and i wanted to make him and hi country proud, so i decided to sing along with my prerecorded track >> shepard: it was beyonce's first public response to her appearance. and she will absolutely be sibbing live at the super bowl halftime show. and jennifer hudson also is going to sing beautiful with the
4:31 pm
sandy hook elementary school. the president obama is a big draw for viewers, but one of the ads has caused controversy because it features non-jamaicaans talking kind of like jamaicans. ♪ there's a song that we're singing. >> you guys are 3 minutes late. >> no clouds on a sunny day. >> respect, man. >> you ready to call that spot racist and offensive, but he said i urge people across the globe to do exactly what it portrays, which is to tap into your inner jamaican and get happy. i'm shepard smith and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, and time for news. january was a huge month for the market. with the day's close, the dow is up 750 points this month alone.
4:32 pm
the largest in year. and claims for jobless benefits, an increase of 38,000 from the week before, but economists say that the number still shows that employers are adding jobs, which is good news for all of us. jerry willis is with us, and we were expecting moll reports tomorrow, right? >> the first friday of the month. and economists are right, and not always, and sometimes they're wrong. we'll see how many jobs are created, but it's three connective months of 7.8%. and we have a long way to go. >> shepard: and the white house today disbanded the president's job council just like they said they would. >> the problem is not solved, obviously, there are 26 people on the council and they met for two years-- i take that back, they met for the first year four
4:33 pm
times and not at all the second year. the president says that many of the recommendations were taken into account, and we're still waiting for that fob cleared up. fingers crossed. >> shepard: there's breaking news now on fox news channel, an update for the breaking news earlier in this hour. pam ex in mexico city where the explosion happened, 14 people killed and 80 others injured in the explosion in the mexican oil company headquarters. but we have 14 dead and 80 injured with more to come at this hour. crisis averted, the house passed a bill in a suspended the debt ceiling in may. president obama will sign the measure so the government can keep borrowing and paying the bills for a few more months. gas prices rising more than usual this year. trip 8a reported $3.42.
4:34 pm
and in january, $3.32, second only to last year's january average! >> the party is on hold. and the feds say they're opposed to the marriage of the world's two biggest beer companies. on one side, anhauser busch. and the makers of an still. they have plan to buy popular mexican beers, including the top selling import, corona. but they filed a lawsuit, arguing that merger would give just one firm control of half of the u.s. beer market, and the competition could drive up prices wherever they buy the stuff. aanhauser busch will fight it in court. facebook users can send a gift card to their friends by mail, but you continue use the facebook card to have purchase anything on the website itself.
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[ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> shepard: a woman in ohio faces multiple felony charges after she got drunk, punched and bit her own mother and then resisted arrest and kicked out a police car window.
4:39 pm
keep your eye on the back seat, it's a good one. police hauled her into the station and she started kicking. it worked perfectly. the window busted and then she started yelling at the top of her lungs, cursed up a storm and the cops said that she was a handful from the moment they found her. >> she began charging the officers, yelling that she was going to fight them and beat them up. and while they tried to place her in the back of the car, she began kicking a couple of officers, and eventually a taser had to be deployed to keep control of >> shepard: fortunately, no officers were hurt. she faces assaulting an officer and vandalism. a man attacking his ex-girlfriend inside of a courtroom remains look at this. akron, ohio, and a woman was trying to get a restraining order against this very guy. but in the room, no judge, no security, no bailiff, and they
4:40 pm
got up and tased the man, and the woman ran away from the guy. a lack of funding prevents them from having deputies in every courtroom. two of the nation's most repeated newspapers say that victims of chinese hackers. ther new york times and the wall street journal, hacked, and it was payback for the paper's coverage of chinese corruption. according to the times, they reported after the report of a multibillion-dollar fortune, and the chinese warned that publishing the stories would have consequences, and they watched the hackers infiltrate every corner of their computer system. and they used tack fiction consistent with the chinese military. trace gallagher, it took awhile to shut them down, huh?
4:41 pm
>> it took them several months, and most of that was on purpose because the cyber security team wanted to go in and track these various intruders to follow them around and find out exactly how they got in, and see what they were looking for, and make sure that they couldn't get back in the system. they compared it to cancer, saying that you have to remove the entire tumor, listen. >> if you remove 55 machines and there's a 56th that you weren't aware of, they can get that 56th machine and spread it back out right away. >> reporter: the teams can find out who the hackers are and get rid of them, but they can't identify them and identify the or gyp, and that's up to the fbi. they're actively working it. >> shepard: cnn was working their network over there, and china blocked the cnn report, and the question is, have they
4:42 pm
gone after any government reporters? >> reporter: yes, they have, universities, and major media companies, and they have apparently done this for many years, and the goal here is always the same. to find out who is spreading information about the chinese government and the chinese government leaders, because the chinese government likes to remain control. >> we have to remember that beijing runs the most sophisticated set of controls in the world. if they want to, they can know what happens on any keyboard inside of china. so if the cyber attack comes from inside of china, the chinese leaders are behind it or complicent. >> reporter: of course, the chinese government has denied all of the allegations. >> shepard: they have, and officials evacuated a delta airlines flight today. a bit of a brake problem. it happened at boston, logan. they grounded a plane just before take off. and they grounded the jet right
4:43 pm
beneath it's back end. the aircraft had issue with one of its wheel break mechanisms, whatever that means. delta is looking into it. a passenger train derailed in front of a station ander hurt 14 people. it happened on the east coast of australia. it skipped off the tracks and plowed right through the station's bathrooms. several people inside of the courtrooms at the time and they escaped with minor injuries, but a dozen passengers and the train's driver made it out of the wreck okay. ten people did go to the hospital and police are investigating. meanwhile, two pertains collide, hurting at least 100 people, many of them school children. that's our news around the world in 80 seconds. >> south africa, tvs stole
4:44 pm
cables and some trains are operating manually. a packed commuter train smacked into a stationary one near the capital city. one train's driver was trapped in the wreckage for two hours before crews airlifted him safely. italy, cops clashed with hundreds of soccer fans with the signing of star players. they gathered outside of the restaurants where strikers met with the team execs. one officer went to the hospital with a head injuries. france, nine bronze bells headed to notre dame cathedral in paris. they will replace the old bell, which has fallen out of tune. it marks 850 years since construction began on notre dame! >> germany, a medical check for extremely rare white lion and
4:45 pm
tiger cubs. it's of the first time that the two sets of quadruplets were separated from their mothers. experts say that one set of quads only happen every 10,000 litters. that's around the world in 80 seconds. >> we reported here that a free style snowmobile operator crashed in the x games, and now he has died. the skis on the 450 snow machine caught the lip of the landing area and send it flying over the handlebars. it sent the snowmobile over him. he got up and walked away, but there was bleeding around his heart and his family confirmed the death today. this is the first time death in the history of the x games. space tourism is taking off
4:46 pm
with more and more companies getting into the business. private space taxis will be the anything in the very near future. for somebody with a couple of hundred thousand dollars to spare. >> the legendary singing trio, the last of the andrew sisters has died. patty andrews usually took the lead. they rose to fame in world war ii. aidiences went crazy with their perfect three part harmonies, and unlike those of the day who shared a microphone, the andrews sisters moved. ♪ that's patty andrews in the center. and she and her sisters ultimately sold 80 million records through their career. the singer died of natural causes at her home in los angeles. patty andrews, the last of the
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of an explosion that happened in mexico city. we now know that the reports indicate some 30 people may be trapped in this skyscraper where thousands have now been evacuated. an explosion, an hour, hour and a half ag or so, left 30 people trapped. according to these reports, 14 are dead and 78 more injured. according to one of the workers there, they were talking and heard an explosion with white smoke and glass falling down from the sky. evacuations ordered and streets are in chaos. live pictures are coming in, and
4:51 pm
more as we know more about the explosion in mexico city. ed coch is in the hospital tonight. the doctors want to keep a close eye on the man, who is 88 years old. they just released him after treating him for water on his lungs and legs. but he is back in the hospital after complaining of short ons of breath. the football love child. dan moreno owned up after cheating on his wife and feathering a child. moreno later paid the woman millions of dollars to support their daughter. dan moreno issued a statement to the post, saying this is a personal and private matter. i take full responsibility, both personally and financially for my life. we tried to keep it private for
4:52 pm
all parties involved. dan moreno has been with cbs's sunday crew for years, and he'll be there and part of this year's festivities. saying dan has said all there is to say and will be in his usual role on our broadcast on super bowl sunday. catching a ride out to outer space, it could happen as soon as next year. more than a dozen companies have started calling t technology tos like you and me into space. first they have to pass some legal hurdles. in new mexico, suppliers at space port america where richard branson's company, virgin galactica set upshot. liability is a major hang up in the space port's operations. adam howsley the of it in california, when nasa retired it's shuttles, it opened the
4:53 pm
door for this sort of thing, and it's now. >> nasa is opening up the doors, allowing everybody to work with them, a lot of it is still top secret, but they're allowing more and more companies and the prices are going down, and more dailytechnology, and it's all at it. >> regarding what nasa has to attract and offer to the private sector to come in and work with them, for whatever those reasons are, we don't really care. >> reporter: shep, we're talking about space hotels and orbits, and people can actually afford some of this stuff. >> shepard: how is california staying competitive in this race? >> reporter: well, they have 14 companies in mow havi and permission granted, you can come out here and try a couple of things. the virgin crew is it out here
4:54 pm
with some of their equipment and they have three warehouses out here, and a politician is pushing legislation. one company that we talked to is called x core. >> you can try new things, and it's always maintained. i think of we have been missing that to a certain extent for the last 40 or 50 years, and opening space so real people can work there is going to give it back. >> the first commercial space port is in mm-mm and california hopes to become the second space port if that legislation passes >> shepard: turns out that the latest machine on mars is a female. we know that today because the nasa seenists said that we should start referring to the mars curiosity rover is a she, because that's how we refer to ships, and since she's exploring another world, she gets the
4:55 pm
treatment. it has a gender in case it has to mate can something. her drill, it will be the first time that any robot has ever drilled to collect a rock sample on mars. great white sharks have hundreds of sure rated teeth and can way up 5,000 pounds, but people have decided to fit a couple of them with gps trackers. we're learning a couple of things. favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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[ coughs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] you can't let a cold keep you up tonight. vicks nyquil -- powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ ask >> shepard: they're going to need a bigger boat. a great white, mary lee, is one of only two great whites that researchers have ever tagged in the north atlantic. here's a picture when they captured it. according to the marine research group, oh, shark, they traveled
4:59 pm
down south and hang out for awhile, and the orange line where mary lee has been swimming since september, and she recently went up to martha's vineyard and off of long island. happy trails, fishy. david beckham has been taking his charity to france, and donating to the children's hospital. he officially marked his move from the l.a. galaxy to a team in paris. beckham is reportedly worth about $175 million. before we go, our team's top five of the day. travis is on probation after drunk driving last summer, he was neighborhood and combative. number four, a suspected murderer holding a five-year-old boy hostage in a bunker could have enough supplies to


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